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Where does it hurt?


In contrast to the ball and socket shoulder, the hip is a very stable structure that can wear out (osteoarthritis) as it is a weight bearing joint. The stable mechanical design resulted in this being the first successful joint replacement with excellent long term results over the last 40 years. There are now minimally invasive techniques.

Typically hip osteoarthritis will hurt in the groin and one's gait changes because of the initial loss of rotation or "hip swivel".
The mobile design of the hip joint contributes to the other common orthopaedic complaints of bursitis and tendonitis.

Hip bursitis is usually pain over the outside of the hip and related to too much friction or pressure in this area. Sleeping position can aggravate as wear as flexibility imbalance. Injections are often necessary with certain flexibility exercises but almost never is surgical intervention required.

Hip tendonitis, myositis are common diagnoses that can be an acute injury or chronic repetitive overuse. Like bursitis these respond to conservative measures.
   Where does it hurt?
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