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Where does it hurt?


The elbow is the "knee" of the upper extremity and although we don't walk on "all fours" we demand a lot out of our elbow positioning the hand for all of our day to day activities.
One of the most common orthopedic complaints is:
  • Tennis elbow
This is a wrist muscle connection strain at the elbow. Also called Lateral Epicondylitis the tennis elbow name has stuck historically from the days of the single-hand back hand tennis technique.

Additional diagnoses of the elbow encountered are:
  • Golfers elbow (Medical Epicondylitis)
  • Biceps tendonitis
  • Triceps tendonitis
  • Posterior impingement (loose bodies)
  • Nerve compression (Tardy ulnar nerve palsy)
  • Little Leaguer's elbow ( Osteochondritis)
   Where does it hurt?
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