Geoffrey Glidden MD
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Plano, Texas 75024
Tel: 972.608.9777
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5038-B Tennyson Pkwy
Plano, Texas 75075

(972) 608-9777

We would like to explain our office policies in order for you to avoid any greater out of pocket expenses. Please read the information below.


Our office hours are Monday through Thursday, 9:00 am to 4:30 pm. We see patients on Monday afternoon, Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday afternoon and Thursday mornings.
Friday is surgery day and office paperwork.
If you should have a medical emergency after regular business hours, please contact our office at (972) 608-9777 and the answering service will contact the nurse and/ or doctor on call.



You are encouraged to inquire with our office if Dr. Glidden is on your health insurance plan. However, it is your responsibility to make sure. If in doubt, contact member services with your carrier and inquire if the doctor is considered in-network. If the doctor is not on your plan, you will still be able to make an appointment: however your treatment will be reimbursed at an out-of-network level which will result in either no reimbursement by your carrier or a higher co-insurance amount.

If you are on an HMO, MC, POS, or EPO policy, it is your responsibility to obtain a referral from your primary care physician for your initial visit. Our office will aid you by extending your referrals if indicated.

We will file an insurance claim with the primary insurance plans that we participate with; however, your co-payments/ co-insurance is expected at the time services are rendered. Please present your insurance card at the time of check-in. In order to file your insurance claims appropriately, we ask that you keep our office informed of any insurance or address changes during the course of your treatment.


We invite you to inquire about surgical charges and your financial responsibility prior to surgery. While we will attempt to verify surgical benefits, you are ultimately responsible for verifying your insurance coverage.

From time to time you may receive correspondence from your insurance carrier regarding your surgery. If so, we ask that you comply and contact your carrier with all pertinent information that is needed to process your claim i.e.
Coordination of Benefits (COB), accident details, or student status. If you do not provide this information in a timely manner, you will be responsible for the entire billed amount of your surgery. If you do not understand what is needed by your carrier, you are encouraged to contact our business office to assist you.


You have the right as a patient to be informed by your treating health professional about any appropriate or medically necessary treatment you may receive, regardless of cost or benefit coverage. Due to your managed care policy, some services performed may not be a covered benefit even though they are deemed as medically necessary by your physician. This will pertain to prescriptions, durable medical equipment or supplies i.e. braces, slings, crutches, or orthotics.